Review: The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry


It’s a story about self discovery, about love, about what you really desire from life and what you are willing to do for you love.

The Love that Split the World 4/5 🌟

I absolutely loved this YA novel it’s a great mix of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, realism but it all works together it the most beautiful way. Combined with the passing and style of a mystery novel it was hard to put down once I’d started.

I immediately connected with the protagonist Natalie because I share some of the same hyper-emotional traits as her. Her struggle to find and understand herself might be a classic ya theme, however it was made more interesting by the addition of more serious themes such as adoption and Native American identity. This greatly helped separate the book from every other teen-finding-themself-narrative.

The romance between Natalie and Beau is typical ya wirldwind yet oddly paced in a way that makes it more believable and real than most (and I totally have a book crush on Beau now).

It looses a star due to the fact that I figured out the main mystery way before I think book meant to let the reader in on the secret. It is however a great story and a stunning example of well written ya, I’d definitely recommend this to everyone.

– Christine


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