Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer


An amazing retelling of a classic fairytale

Cinder 4/5🌟

I really enjoyed this book, it has everything that I look for in a great ya fantasy novel; wonderful worldbuilding, compelling characters and a wirldwind romance.

I immediately fell in love with Cinder (the character), she has all the same loveable beaten but not defeated traits of the original Cinderella. Her android Iko is possibly the cutest sidekick I’ve read about, I simply loved her sassy and gossipy ways from the moment I met her.

I did however figure out the plot or “big reveal” by chapter 4, yet I wanted to get to know Cinder and the world better, which is a testament to how amazingly Meyer presents the world of New Beijing and it’s inhabitants and I kinda wish we got to explore the city more.

Also despite following a classic wirldwind romance narrative Cinder and Kay’s relationship is just beautiful and believable in a way I can’t quite describe, it just felt relatable.

This was my first fairytale retelling and I’m just loving style – it’s familiar yet new in the best possible way. It looses a star for the obviousness of the plot. Otherwise a brilliant ya read.

– Christine


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