Review: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer


You’ve never seen read riding hood and the big bad wolf get quite so “cozy” before!

Scarlet 5/5 🌟

I just finished this beauty Sunday evening and I’m in love. Personally I liked Scarlet (the book) even better than the first book in the series, Cinder. I think Meyer has really found her style and tone with this.

Scarlet herself is an amazing character who stands up for what she believes in and you immediately know she doesn’t take shit from nobody. Scarlet cares deeply for her grandmother and won’t accept that police is closing the investigation into her disappearance, she doesn’t take no for an answer.
Scarlet fights for the underdog and tries to keep herself from passing judgement, in a perfect world we’d all be more like her, remembering to try and think before we pass judgement. A lesson Meyer passes to the reader when Scarlet stands up for Cinder before even meeting her in a truly magnificent way
Then we have Wolf, who is just my kinda bad-boy character, that tough yet sweet guy, who eventually fucks things up because he thinks he knows what’s best (again it’s possible I have questionable taste in book bf’s).

The added thrill of following Cinder and her new “friend” Thorne’s adventure on the side made the book even more of a page turner than Cinder had been (I didn’t think that would be possible). I am a huge fan of books with shifting perspectives/storylines, so I felt it gave the story a really great pace since I constantly wanted to return to the other story.

Another plus was the fact that I did not figure out the main twist before it was revealed (which I too often do), so it was very nice to be truly surprised by a book. Hence the 5 🌟’s.

– Christine


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