Review: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

​An original take on the classic coming of age story.

The Graveyard Book is Neil Gaiman at his most Gaiman-esque and I loved it. We follow the life of Nobody Owens, who, after his patents’ murder, is adopted by the community of the graveyard – and specifically by Mr and Mrs Owens. The mysterious Silas is to be Bod’s guardian, as Silas is neither living nor dead and therefore the only one able to leave the graveyard. What follows is 300 pages of pure adventure – Bod leads us into the oldest grave and through a ghoul gate, he befriends a witch and becomes the supposed imaginary friend of the girl Scarlett. All the while slowly growing up amongst ghosts.

If you want your story to have a clear-cut linear progression this is not the book for you. But if you want to experience the trubbles of growing up, to explore the supernatural and gain new perspective on human-nature, topped with a myrder mystery then The Graveyard Book will deliver on all of those!

Neil Gaiman gives you just enough knowledge to be statisfied that the plot is resolved while at the same time building a fantasy world that you can imagine yourself visiting in a hundred more books and still you would not have the full story!



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