Quick Review: Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk

“Some imaginary friends never go away” – Fight Club 2


The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club, so I’ll just try to review the sequel instead!

My first thought after finishing this was “WTF did I just read!?”.

Fight Club 2 takesplace 10 years after the novel where we discover that the narrator (Sebastian) after his time in treatment, has married Marla Singer and they have a child called Junior. However, Palahniuk doesn’t write fairytales so obviously the arrival of Tyler Durden is inevitable. Tyler has continued his work withouth Sebastian knowing – but that changes when Junior is kidnapped and the narrative unfolds!

If Fight Club was the manifesto, Fight Club 2 is the realization.

The graphic novel stays faithful to the Sebastian/Marla/Tyler relationship yet throws our main characters into new environments. Palahniuk references both the original novel and the movie in an on-point satirical manor that keeps the reader confussed. On top of that, Palahniuk inserts himself in the narrative as a characther the others can call for plot-advise something that shouldn’t work but somehow does!

Gone are the days of bouisterous  critique of fragile masculinity, consumer culture & modern life. This time Palahniuks jabs are more subtle but they hit their target with precision! Fight Club 2 is not so much a sequel as it is an insight into Palahniuk post-Fight Club – and an expression of a need to deal with Fight Club’s legacy! It is Best summed up by this quote

“We don’t cultivate ideas, it’s ideas that cultivate us!” – Fight Club 2

Tyler Durden is that idea, and I fully understand Palahniuk’s need to finally let him go.


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